A Km0 day with Chef Pasquale

di Ristorante Al Convento - Casa Torrente

Cetara is one of the main Italian villages where the restaurants work strictly at Km 0. Terra Protetta, an association representing local farmers and fishermen, thinks that the time has come to make known the reasons for this primacy to those who appreciate the value of sustainability and authenticity. Paola has the task of involving a group of promoters of the association to document the working day of Chef Pasquale and reveal the secrets of local Km 0 productions. If you are part of the Promoters group, please be on time in Piazza Convento tomorrow. Take your smartphone with you!

Where it takes place

Cetara (SA)

Meeting Point

Restaurant “Al Convento” Piazza S.Francesco 16


from 2 to 6 hours


on foot


Immersion in the territory, local food and wine made of products and people, gastronomic narratives


According to the needs of cost and duration for adults, individuals and groups up to 12 people. Adaptable to larger groups

What we can do together

■ Meeting with Paola and introduction to the mission

■At the artisanal shop "Neptune" we discover the traditional processing of anchovies and bluefin tuna

■ In the harbour, fishers talk to us about their lives and their jobs

■In the village we meet other heroic locals who tell us the importance of different Km 0 productions of Cetara and we shop in local stores

■At the Ristorante al Convento, the chef guides the wine tasting lesson as well as the correspondence with the dishes

■ Presentation of the work carried out by the institutions

■ Cheers and celebrations with local products

Paola - Experiential Travel Guide

Hello, I’m Paola, a tourist and hiking guide. My desire to travel has led me to discover how lucky I am to live in this area and I am happy to share with you the uniqueness of the village of Cetara, where the restaurants still work with local products. Together you will discover the secrets of local, authentic, and sustainable production. I'm waiting for you!