Cetara Contadini Pescatori

The origins of this seaside village probably date back to the Early Middle Ages. The maritime settlement had, however, to be established in the second half of the ninth century, when a colony of Saracens settled there. In 1030 the Cetaresi paid the ius piscariae to the archbishop of Amalfi. Throughout the duration of the Maritime Republics, the fishermen of Cetara were considered the best of the entire coast, because of their rich sea: snappers, groupers, moray eels, bonitos, mackerel, but especially tuna.

The port

Nowadays, the port of Cetara houses one of the largest fleets of the Mediterranean Sea fishing for bluefin tuna, as well as being renowned worldwide for fishing for anchovies. An economic element to say the least relevant for such a so small village.

The Viceroyal Tower

At the same time, the rugged orography of the coast forced the ancient Cetaresi to build terraces supported by drystone walls, still called macerine. The terraces were planted with orchards, vineyards and lemon groves. Often, the farmers were the same fishermen, who passed from mountains to sea. The mountain, so wide and wild, keeps a very close relationship with the work, the manpower and the laboureurs, including the lemon carriers known as “formichelle”.

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