Cianciola Masterclass

di Ristorante La Cianciola

The Association "Amici delle Alici" brings together operators and lovers of anchovies. It has recently organized a very special masterclass to train the new Cetara Fish Operators and thus keep alive the traditional fish chain still managed in an artisanal way with a high quality product. What about you? Do you want to help keep the soul of Cetara alive? Join us! It will be an exciting experience. Paola is the coordinator of the masterclass and is waiting for you in Piazza Cantone in Cetara!

Where it takes place

Cetara (SA

Meeting point

Bar Ombelico del Mondo, Piazza Cantone


from 2 to 6 hours


on foot


Local food and wine, traditional fish processing, traditions, sea life, meeting with locals


According to the needs of cost and duration for adults, individuals and groups up to 15 people. Adaptable to larger groups

What we can do together

■ Meeting with Paola in the marina of Cetara and introduction to the masterclass

■ At the port we listen to the stories of fishermen intent on  the preparation of the boats and the nets for the next fishing trip

■ At the Neptune laboratory, Giulio, the owner, explains the processing of anchovies and tuna

■ At the Museo della Torre Vicereale in Cetara, we know the paintings and ceramic art exhibitions that are particularly linked to the fish industry

■ In the dining room of the restaurant La Cianciola, chef Vincenzo Giorgio teaches some cooking and conservation techniques of anchovies

■ In another room of the restaurant, group examination before the Commission with the President of the Association

■ Cheers and celebrations with local products

Paola - Operatore di Turismo Esperienziale

Hello, I’m Paola, a tourist and hiking guide. My desire to travel has led me to discover how lucky I am to live in this area and I am happy to share with you the uniqueness of the village of Cetara, where the restaurants still work with local products. Together you will discover the secrets of local, authentic, and sustainable production. I'm waiting for you!