From the Saracens to the Turks the pirates of Cetara

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The Mayor of Cetara dreams to enhance the medieval origin of the city, dotted with many episodes of invasion. From the Saracens of the 9th century to the Turks of the 16th century, 600 years of history whose traces are still found in Cetara. Peppe is therefore in charge of finding a group of citizens of Cetara to accomplish this rediscovery of local roots. It is a matter of rereading and recovering the memories that still remain alive among the citizens of Cetara. I’ll meet you down at the Marina before climbing up to Torre Vicereale. Be on time because there is a lot of work to do!

Where it takes place

Cetara (SA)

Meeting Point

Bar Miramare Corso Garibaldi 49


from 2 to 6 hours


on foot


Nature trails, local food and wine, local legends, cooking class, meeting with locals


According to the needs of cost and duration for adults, individuals and groups up to 15 people.

What we can do together

■ Meeting with Peppe and mission organization

■ On the terrace of the watchtower we dive into the past and see the fortifications of the entire coast using an ancient telescope

■ We retrace the escape path from the village to the hills through an incredible landscape

■ At the refuge, in Puopolo, sighting activities

■ On the way back we collect herbs

■ At Agricetus, with Gennaro, demonstration of the processing of lemon, history of sorbet and tasting

■ Presentation of the material to the authorities of Cetara

■ We prepare the caponata and celebrate the achievement of the mission with acclamations and celebrations with local products 

Giuseppe - Experiential Travel Guide

Hi, I’m Peppe, an environmental guide and kayak instructor with a great passion for the history of the Amalfi Coast. Together with me you can relive what happened to the inhabitants of Cetara over the centuries and discover how they lived and how they organized to defend themselves from pirates.