New lemon growers in Cetara

di Azienda Agricola Roberto Luigi Di Crescenzo

The Story to live together The Association "L'Innesto" wants to enhance the figure of the heroic lemon grower. A historical profession that guarantees the hydrogeological protection of the coast where the unique beauty of the sea view opens up. A landscape that the whole world envies us. Roberto is an expert in this type of cultivation and has decided to convene a group of brave lemon growers with whom to invent together an original activity to promote their profession Are you ready to be part of the lemon growers' group? The appointment is at the Formichella statue!

Where it takes place

Cetara (SA)

Meeting Point

Piazza Europa in front of the church Santa Maria di Costantinopoli


from 2 to 6 hours


on foot


Nature trails, agricultural world, gastronomic narration, meeting with locals, local crafts


According to the needs of cost and duration for adults, individuals and groups up to 15 people.

What we can do together

■ Meeting with Roberto to set up the mission

■ Climbing the trail of the Formichelle Roberto explains to the group of apprentices the organoleptic characteristics, the terraces and the importance of lemon in the territory

■ In the lemon grove we learn the methods of cultivation of lemon

■ In the workshop, Mena teaches us the decoration of ceramics with the theme of lemon

■ In Roberto’s farm, Chef Stefano teaches us how to make lemon gnocchi

■ Presentation of the collected material to the representatives of the association “L'Innesto”

■ Cheers and celebrations with local products

Roberto - Experiential Travel Guide

Hi I’m Roberto, hiking guide, wine sommelier and restaurant manager. Join me in Cetara and you will know all the secrets of lemon growers and terracing, the ancient art of cultivation of Limone Costa d'Amalfi IGP. I will tell you the story of the ancient women who brought lemons and we will taste traditional dishes. What are you waiting for?